The Reason Why SEO Companies get a bad name with the public

This email that someone I work with received today. is the number 1 reason why the SEO industry gets a bad name.

The problem with some seo companies

Lets break this down 

First of all, before anyone mentions it, I know this is an automated email, that send thousands of emails to clickable links on different web pages. So our email says something like “to contact us click here” with the click here part a link to our email, we have all seen it… Never the less I want to break down why this email is shockingly bad to a potential client and also use this page as a resource to anyone in the future who says the whole “oh you are the guy who emails me junk” or something of that nature. As Steve Morgan said here, F*ck that guy.


1.) “Dear Website Owner” This shows that the individual trying to contact us has not even bothered to research our name, even though the name is in the first part of the email. As soon as 99% of people see this, its an instant “nope” as they know its spam.

2.) “Greetings of the day” – What does that even mean? Even though the individuals name is Frank, this little intro sentence tells me that English is not their first language.

3.) Generic and wrong – This is a very generic promotional sentence that probably could be used by anyone from any company in any niche with a couple of word changes. Also the final statement is just plain wrong, SEO promotion is all about letting your clients find you, not about reaching out to them.

4.) Don’t mind this – I generally don’t mind listing things you can do for a client, I think it looks quite good, but on a first email I would never say anything like this.

5.) Crazy poor grammar – I don’t even feel like explaining this, but as you can see the grammar here is pretty terrible.

6.) “Disclaimer” – This one made me laugh. They have a disclaimer at the bottom of their email which lets people know that they are not spammers. They manually research targets, and then send a generic email to each one….. Yeah okay.

Why do I care about this email? 

Like I mentioned in the title, this sort of stuff is giving SEO a bad name, people not knowing what they are doing or how to even send a human email to a potential client.

If you do your research, write your email well and deliver it to 50-100 potential clients, chances are no one will sign up with you. That’s just email marketing.

Get them in a room with you and this 0.5% conversion rate suddenly shoots to 5-10% depending on how convincing you are and how much the individual actually needs your services.

As I am on the subject of this, I will quickly mention to business owners what not to say and how to distinguish between a real and a fake SEO.

Some business owners, usually smaller local ones, like to either challenge or already know everything when talking to an SEO.

Generally I’m a pretty relaxed guy but these things do really bug me. I don’t go up to a doctor or an architect and say “I read 1 article on medicine by Jim Noidea and now I’m a doctor.” …. So why do it to someone in the SEO industry.

I read an SEO article - I am now an expert


I was speaking to a friend’s friend about a week ago, who owned an estate agent in a medium sized city in the UK. We were speaking for a while, I mentioned I owned an SEO company and the first thing she said was “oh (they always say oh) me and (other friends name) have experience with seo and you guys….”

Well I knew once she said that, I didn’t actually want to “promote myself” and work with someone like this, but obviously as she was a friend of a friend, I couldn’t just say thank you and leave.

So we were chatting for a while, I was explaining how quite a lot of the stuff about SEO online is a myth and that we aren’t all that bad ETC ETC.

Then we started talking about social media and seo, to which I explained its not directly responsible but its great because its social blah blah.

And I shit you not she said “Well ACTUALLY (as if I was wrong) when I tweet a lot on my twitter I go back onto page 1….”

To which I simply said okay.

Don’t be that guy…. Explain what you know, SEOs love that, but try and pretend you know more than them, we don’t like that.

The difference between us and them – How to distinguish?

The difference between professional SEOs and fake/spammers is about as clear as the difference between a red head and a ginger. HUGE!


But seriously it is important to know the difference between these two, and its relatively easy to spot using these 2.

1.) Quality of the content / website – For example if I was going to hire someone I would look at previous clients, their blog if they had one, rankings, probably link analysis for their website and just get an idea if they have a real website (for the long term) or just a get rich quick one!

2.) Quality of communication – If someone doesn’t give you a phone contact number, it doesn’t mean they do not have one! Everyone has a mobile, it means they don’t trust their services enough to give you their number. And if they don’t trust their own services, should you trust theirs?

Hopefully you enjoyed the article, part 2 is now up.


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