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Keyword rank trackers or position checkers or whatever you want to call them have been around since SEO was first established. They are the easiest way to report your SEO services back to clients and a good keyword tracking software can sometimes make or break a deal. In this post I’ve reviewed 5 of the front runners in this industry, across 4 main criteria – Usability, Pricing, Display/Reporting and Additional Features. All of which are rated out of 10 to give the scores you will see. Links to products are affiliate links, but also non-aff links are also placed.

Top Keyword rank checkers


The Top 5  Leading Softwares in the Search Engine Position Checker Market as voted by SEOs

5.) Pro Rank Tracker

Coming in at number 5 is Pro rank tracker. Recently re-designed (as of July 2015), but unfortunately in my opinion the displays took a leap backwards, I used PRT’s free version (up to 10 keywords) for around a month. Below is the basic information your greeted with when logging into the free or pro version.

Pro Rank Tracker


Extremely easy to navigate, but in my opinion too cluttered when looking at quick results. Below is a screenshot for 7 keywords I used to track over a 30 day period. Unfortunately I found the displays too cluttered, but you can make your own mind up below.

Pro Rank Tracker Screenshot



PRT Reporting optionsUpon sign up you are automatically signed up to “update” emails once a day, a nice feature to quickly check anything drastic without even logging in. There are multiple reporting options you can choose from. All with the features you’d expect. The reports themselves are very common to the other keyword trackers on this list, but the “create a report” options are overly-complicated.


Prices range from; a free trial for 20 keywords (2 URLs) and range all the way to $1,500 options for 100,000 keywords. Pricing is very reasonable for mid-sized packages, the full price breakdown can be seen below. For comparisons I will be basing this on the “average” seo agency’s needs of between 1,500-2,500 keywords. In this case the most relevant package is “silver” with 1,500 keywords tracked for $49 a month. (Full price comparisons at the end of this article.)

Pro rank tracker pricing

Additional Features

After seeing the mobile-app option I thought I’d download it and try it out (as the picture below shows). Actually really impressed with the mobile version. Usability is actually improved for mobiles because its made simpler and smoother!

Pro rank tracker mobile app

Also being in the cloud no proxies or downloads are needed, which is always advantageous.


Overall a decent, cheap rank tracker but doesn’t compete with the other softwares due to “to much” going on. Clean up the display and reporting areas and might be up there.

4.) Rank Tracker by Link Assistant

The only keyword tracking software that is a downloaded solution, with a 1 time fee. Rank tracker was also the 1st real solution to tracking Google rankings before all of the cloud software solutions were developed.


“Rank tracker is one of those SEO softwares that a 12 year old could use” – This line is pulled directly from the rank tracker sales page. But aside from the fact his 12 year old would have to actually know a bit about SEO to set it up, the guides created and video tutorials are actually pretty good. The issue I have is not that it’s difficult to set up, but the displays are very “old school”. Rank tracker has been around since 2005 and hasn’t changed all that much. Now whether that’s a sign of a good rank tracking software or not, the fact remains that its not a modern solution to keyword tracking. I managed to find a screenshot from the original rank tracker back in 2005…. Looking good for that time!

Rank tracker screenshot



Reporting is one strength that the rank tracker software has and most likely always will have. The white label reports can be “published” or “quick saved”. A published report can be sent directly to a client via email and is easy to read both on a 10,000 foot level and upon close inspection. A software that’s designed for individuals


This is where we have a problem. Although you can pick up a free copy or a pro copy for £99 as a one time cost… Unfortunately that’s not where the story ends. If you are serious about your SEO you will need white label reporting which is a feature in the enterprise version, which is £230 ($390 approx.) But that’s not all either, you then have to get premium enterprise “algo updates” which is an additional $120+ every 6 months for life. On top of this you will need proxies and Captcha solving software. All of which swells the price to well over $50+ a month even if you discount the initial one time cost.

Additional features:

The 2 features that spring to mine are you can track 1000s of keywords for clients without any additional fees. If you have an SEO agency with 100+ clients all with 1000+ keywords then rank tracker is your only real option. Another feature I love is the visibility feature, this makes putting a “value” on your SEO services a lot easier. A 10% increase in visibility can easily be explained to clients and if you have 100+ keywords that are quite similar to one another, sometimes a small movement can have a larger percentage increase in visibility and hence a happy client.

Monthly Visibility Rank Tracker


Although rank tracker has a place in my heart as it was the 1st decent keyword rank tracker I and many other SEOs used, it’s now the old dog in the yard and should probably be put down. Due to the additional ongoing costs of proxies, captchas and algo updates you have to purchase rank tracker becomes an incredibly expensive solution for tracking SERPs. The visibility metric in the reporting section is second to none and perfect for clients that require tracking of 1000+ keywords. If you’d like to purchase rank tracker: aff link (non-aff link)

3.) SerpFox

The software I have personally used for the last 6 months for the majority of websites, both personal and clients. A super simple clean software that updates automatically daily without the need for proxies or additional costs. Really simple to use and my personal choice for someone looking to target less than 100 keywords or less than 10 websites.


As I mentioned this is one of the easiest softwares to use. You can easily check daily/weekly or monthly changes across all your URLs, sort by keyword, search volume, movement or search engine. Serpfox tracks daily also sometimes seems to skip a day occasionally which is an odd feature but the displays and graphs are second to none.


Unfortunately reporting is where Serpfox is a league behind the other rank trackers on this list. Most people using these softwares will be tracking rankings for clients and as a result want to easily display keyword changes monthly or lifetime changes. There is no specific feature for this in Serpfox and creating simple reports to send to clients is actually a difficult process when it should be a one-click-process!


Serpfox pricing is reasonable for all markets. A 2,000 keyword corporate package comes in at $99 a month and a starter package with 50 keywords to track is only a tenner, so a good range. Check the screenshot below for all the details.

SerpFox Rank Tracking

Additional features:

Unlike the reporting features the display settings are perfect for a mid sized SEO agency, you can see what days show the biggest or lowest spikes and as a result you can denote which specific links or actions taken on the site had the best results…This is invaluable information for individuals testing SEO methods. Another good feature is the ignore or include local results (Google Maps).


An up and coming software, but let down by the reporting features and the difficulty associated with creating reports to send to clients directly. Comes in above rank tracker and pro rank track due to the easy to use nature of the software. Also reached out to support 2 or 3 times in my 6 months with serpfox and they were quick and very helpful.

2.) SerpWoo

Coming in at number 2 is SerpWoo, a new player in the rank tracker software industry but one that’s growing in popularity rapidly. The reason Serpwoo has exploded onto the scene is due to the tracking of not only your website but also all of your competitors for a specific keyword. They’ve coined a phrase “niche tracking” and as you can see by the below screenshot you get a lot of information about the movement in your niche.

SERPwoo image


Probably the only reason why SERPwoo isn’t in the number 1 position is due to the lack of a simple user interface. Upon logging in or signing up your greeted with so many options and graphics, lines that its a little over-whelming. I’m an advocate of simple design, especially when it comes to tracking rankings. All you really need at the end of the day is a line and a dot.


Serpwoo has all the normal reporting functions you’d expect from a rank tracker. But again, creating a report for an individual website or keyword takes ages, there is simple too much going on. Tracking all websites in the top 20 position is just amazing for research / data purposes. But most SEOs won’t have the time to review and break down all this data, so it becomes a little too much.


As you’d expect there’s a ton to break down in pricing but the only thing you really need to know is 750 keywords is about $50 and 2,000 is $100, both monthly. The same pricing as Serpfox and in fact cheaper than the software that ranks 1st.

SERPWoo review


Additional features:

SerpWoo has all the necessary features that all the other rank tracking softwares have on this list. But the only REAL additional feature is tracking all the sites in the top 20 for a given niche/keyword. This is hugely advantageous to people who know how to use this data and can reverse engineer a competitors rankings, but unless you have the budget and time to enable this its a semi-useless feature in my honest opinion.


Sure serpwoo is the future, but they aren’t there yet. Pricing and the quality of data is second to none but for functionality they aren’t great. But a solid tool if you really want to take niche tracking to another level. If you want to sign up: Click here (non-aff.)

1.) SerpBook

The number 1 rank tracking software on the market today…By quite a way to. An easy to use, simply designed piece of software that not only updates daily, but also updates Google results every 2 hours! Perfect for extremely competitive niches and SEOs who love to test everything. Clean, easy to use software from implementing URLs or keywords all the way through to reporting.


As I’ve already said about a hundred times, this is an extremely easy to use software. The reason I believe its loved so much by people in the SEO community is due to the easy to analyse features. Green is up, red is down and then you have a number that indicates by how many places. You also have columns that denote the time frame, and in the account>settings you can change what types of columns you view….If you don’t care about daily fluctuations then delete it, if you want a start to finish feature, simply add it in.

Top Rank Tracking Software


You can report either on a hidden basis, where your keywords and URLs are hidden (screenshot above is sort of what you would get.) You can visit this URL to see what it actually looks like. Or you can simply generate a PDF report that shows all your keyword position changes in a set time-frame.


Serpbook is in the range of serpwoo and serpfox but slightly more expensive for larger keyword volumes. But these prices are higher due to the improved software. Also serpbook has very good, fast support if you have any technique issues or pre-sale questions.

Additional Features

  • View key with hidden keywords / URL so you can show progress to others without given away your client’s information or your own site.
  • 1 click update all keywords instantly (Re-crawl the Serps)
  • 1 click easy reporting capabilities
  • No need for proxies
  • Updates every 2 hours in Google
  • Can track local results separately
  • Super fast support
  • Tracks YouTube video URLs or Facebook pages


There’s not really a lot more to say. In my opinion the number 1 SERP tracker on the market today. If you want to sign up to serpbook CLICK HERE (non-aff.) In 2018 we actually helped build a rank tracker for Amazon, sneaky link in there but the tool it actually pretty awesome. One of the few on the market for accurately tracking Amazon organic position tracking.

Thanks for reading.


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