Usually these top 3’s will only contain blog posts, but I have to include books this month as 2 books have had a huge impact on my mindset and how I do business.

So top 3 for the month:

3.) Source Wave – Again Alex Becker gets in the top 3, his ongoing content is awesome and I know he does promote his own products and I have to say I have never purchased any, but the free information he gives out is explained in depth without any fluff, apart from him acting like a fool. I recommend all the information on his blog and he’s one of the people I actually open emails from, so I would recommend joining his list too.

Getting Things Done2.) Getting Things Done

This is book 1 of the 2 that are included this month, this is a book by David Allen about productivity, and the title gets no awards either….sounds boring? Its not! Productivity is the most important factor we all struggle against in internet marketing / SEO industries. I am SOO guilty of this, I find myself checking rankings at least once a day, instead of leaving it once a week or once every few days, I also (use to) procrastinate a lot. Especially when doing something such as facebook ads, you find yourself scrolling through the news feed and have to remind yourself, NO this is work time not procrastination time. (This theme is furthered in the top book for the month).

But David goes into extreme detail (without being boring) about the major problems and how to stop these, for example as we all know checking emails, checking rankings and drinking coffee have absolutely ZERO extra direct benefit to our business. BUT if we reply to emails, write articles on rankings or are more efficient thanks to that caffeine kick, this might have a direct effect!

1.) The Millionaire Fastlane

MJ DEMarco Fastline millionaireNow do I hate the name and cover? Yes. Because it looks kind of “get rich fast-y” But the content, bloody hell is it good. At no point do I recommend this book if you are looking for direct business advice as you will get nothing on increasing sales, conversions or anything of that nature, what you will get is a solid punch in the face. You moan about not making enough money but you are a slow laner – Why is it considered the right thing to do now to go to Uni, get a degree, get a good job, save, invest, and then when your 55 you will have a bit of money for retirement and might consider yourself wealthy.

I never realised how true this was, but being at University currently, this is 100% the case. Who the F*** decided that that was how the ladder worked? I didn’t even realise that I was going that way and I would consider myself very entrepreneurial.This is the book that finally woke me up (and also my 9-6 low paid intern job) to the fact that you don’t have to be a Uni-drone-Success. 

Personal note on this: I have since tried to explain this to about 7 people I am close to. 2 parents, 3 work colleagues and 2 close friends. All of whom didn’t get it. I didn’t say the words “I’m going to drop out of uni” But that is all they heard and advised me against it. Even my parents who are in fact self employed!!!

This is the book that kicked my ass into getting into the November Challenge and doing it to the best of my ability!

I find this so strange as its not like we don’t hear about the people with no/poor education becoming multi billionaires; Richard Branson and Henry Ford spring to mind.

Read this book if you want to be success and not work into your 50s. That’s all I will say, whether you believe me or not, frankly my dear I don’t give a dam!


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