Quantifying the Value of a Backlink – The Introduction

one does not simply value a backlink

Link building is difficult. That’s a fact. In my opinion it is the most difficult part of SEO. But I believe most people don’t actually find it difficult for the reasons they think they do, (E.G. Can’t find high quality links, no one will link back to us, there are no relevant sites etc.)

Let’s take your average small time SEO for example. He knows a lot about SEO, keeps up to date with all the news from Moz and SEland. Writes high quality content, has a good social following, provides good information on his blog, tracks rankings well and all in all knows what he’s doing.

Until it comes to the link building…..

He tries a number of different white hat techniques but doesn’t get anywhere. He then looks to create his own blog network but can’t find good domains for “good” prices, then looks at grey and black hat techniques, but knows they don’t work in the long term any more and all in all leads to a poor link building campaign.

Sound familiar?

In this article I’m going to discuss the reason why I think link building is so difficult and in the coming weeks I will discuss how to overcome it. Link building is not difficult to find the backlinks themselves. Most SEOs could go and find 100 potential PR6 links in less than 10 minutes, and its not because reaching out to these people is difficult or overly time consuming.The problem is as an industry we don’t know the VALUE of a link.

Okay, let me explain before I get torn to shreds. Moz tools, ahrefs, majesticseo are all great for creating stats that help us determine how “good” a website is. Pagerank, domain authority, moztrust, number of linking domains etc all are meant to tell us in a nice easy to understand way – how useful a link from a particular website would be.

Which is great.

Expect it doesn’t actually do that.

My question to you is how do you and I put into monetary (or time) value how much a link is worth? Or in another way to put it…

How do you quantify the value of a potential link?

If it takes me 10 hours to get a PR2 link to my seo blog is that worth it for me? And why?

Alternatively, if I spend $100 getting this link, is it worth it for me? And why?

These are the types of questions I am looking to answer over the coming weeks.

Taking an offline example for reference, if you go to a shop and buy a banana it will cost you X amount of money. It will also take you X amount of time to go to the shop. Therefore this banana has cost to “30p and 10 minutes” – You can now make a conscious PLANNED decision on whether you are going to get this banana.

When it comes to link building no one knows how long it will take to get a link or how much it might cost you in monetary terms as well.

This is the reason why it is so hard to quantify the value of a potential link, as no one actually knows and everyone is different.

But it gets worse…. Well more difficult…

Because where do you start, do you start by trying to quantify the value via pagerank or domain authority or moztrust or mozrank or trust flow or number of referring domains? And what about traffic? What about alexa’s info? Ahh its enough to make your head explode…. 


Which is why I’m writing this introduction as in less than a month’s time I am going to write part 2 (the actual article) and oh it will be awesome…. But more importantly it will contain the opinions of loads of the top SEOs, so we can finally finally put this issue to rest and answer the age old question of:

“How much is this link worth?……”


If you are an SEO and you would like to contribute to this article that is coming soon contact me on twitter or at tom@theseoasis.com with the following information:

1.) What is your top 3 (and rank them to) primary factors for valuing a potential link

2.) Does the amount of traffic (greatly) opinion your value of the link?

3.) All other factors the same, how much would you pay for a (PR2/3/4/5/6/7 or DA 20/30/40/50/60/70/80 or whatever your primary valuing factors are) link to your website, from a relevant niche

Remember to link your seo blog/ your personal information.

Remember to share this post so I can get the opinions of the top SEOs in the world.

Thanks for reading.

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