SEO Myth 1 – Only Build 10 Links Per Day!

SEO Myths 10 links per day!

So True!

There are thousands of people doing SEO throughout the world, if not millions if you include the business owners doing a bit of SEO for themselves. And this is a good thing, its a great marketing strategy but the problem they have and one I see very often on general business forums in the SEO or online sections is they ask a specific question and say something like “I know I should be building 10 links a day and if I build anymore, or links too fast then I will be penalized by Google.” And for these stupid statement reasons, is the reason I am going to introduce a SEO myths section to this blog, so people can come and check what things they think maybe are myths but have heard them so many times, they actually think they are true now. This week – “Build exactly 5/10/20 links per day, no more and no less.”

What a load of BS. The main reason people say BS like this is because they have heard it someone, with the person going on to say “otherwise you will be penalized by Google for getting too many backlinks or backlinks to fast, and that doesn’t look natural!” There is nothing less natural from a backlinking perspective than a set amount of links per day.

The whole idea of the backlinks indicator, is that it shows which sites are good information and that people have linked to them. If you have exactly the same number of people linking to your site everyday, do you think that looks natural? No. So don’t do it!

Taking an example of the 2013 world championships, these are the world champs for athletics that are currently going on in Moscow. About 3 months ago do you think there was the same social presence for that keyword? But now that there are millions of people around the world watching the events, do you think more links will be made “naturally”. Of course. The same for any search term. Mo Farah won the 5,000m today so more searches for Mo in the search engines does lead to a natural increase in the number of people that will link him.

I am not saying that you should go out and build 1,000 links one day and then nothing for a week and then 1,000. Just vary it up, usually to suit your needs. If you need some more links, go and find some, if your site is ranking well or even first for a keyword you probably can slow down on the SEO front and just get a few links to show the site is still popular.

Too many people say that “if I do this, it will look unnatural in the SERPs” But the fact is, you are linking to your own website, that is unnatural BRO. So keep the links relevant and high quality and you will be fine even if your making 1,000 a day!

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