30 Day Challenge – Day 19 and 20

Afternoon TeaDay 19 – Important 3 days

It is important over the next 3 days that I hit atleast 8 hours per day on average. It WILL BE impossible to regain a deficit of over 30+ hours in 9 days as I cannot work 15 hour days for 9 days straight (I don’t think) so these next 3 days become essential.

My aim in these days is to take care of 1 large task per day, such as a website design and then catch up on my reading and blog writing for the rest. This way I only need a solid 4 hour period to do the big task and then other 4 hours can be dotted around the day as its tasks that are generally easier to do.

Today then, knew I was going for “afternoon tea” with the pa. Which was awesome! Anyone who says afternoon tea isn’t cool can go suck a crumpet.

Managed to do half an hour work before I left and read the “get stuff done” on the journey which was about an hour. (2 hours here)

Worked from 6-7.30 – Mainly on research and design of ghostmarketing.co.uk

Food 7.30-8

Work 8-1.30 – Brought the domain SEOOASIS.CO.UK and hopefully you are reading this post on the new site and not on the old theseoasis site. It took me a long time to change the content of the site over but I choose to do it for a couple of major reasons.

Seooasis.co.uk is more catchy than the seo asis – It also makes sense!

Be more of a brand – Moz, seland, sejournal, backlinko all very brandable names.

HTTPS wanted to test out the https on a new domain, could have transferred everything over to https from the old site, but as I’m not very techy I thought I would have a tech “night” and try and do all this transferring and https installs whilst I’m in that mind-set.

Ah this is taking so long, but getting tired now, will have to leave the full installation till tomorrow (what a hassle installing HTTPS is if you use hostgator but brought your https SSL from another company – Highly advise against that) – Price wise was only 10-15 bucks cheaper with namecheap but not worth the hassle at all!

Although didn’t hit 12 hours today, I think this was a good figure considering the situation of the day. To still get a solid 8 hours I would call that a win.

If I can get 20 hours from the next 2 days I would call that a win again!

Number of hours worked = 9 (-3)

Number of coffees/Red Bulls consumed – 0

Total +/- = 22 hours to make up

Day 20 – Gunning for 8-10 hours

Seeing an old friend today and gym either today or tomorrow it so going to be tough to hit 12 hours across both days.

Started work at 12 till 2 and worked on the seooasis transferring all content and 301s to the new site today. Took ages…. Yawn but eventually got there. Still waiting on the https information as hostgator/namecheap communication isn’t great but that should go through by the end of next week. Will write a post on the new SEO Oasis site J about this.

2-3 – Ghost Marketing site – Worked on the pages and content of the site. Design guy working on parallex scrolling and getting the site looking sexy….

3-4 – Read and watched the following: https://moz.com/blog/convert-goals-into-reportable-metrics-whiteboard-friday https://www.smartpassiveincome.com/niche-site-duel-2-pre-seo-alex-becker/ https://source-wave.com/fast-seo-rankings/ Call me a research hore or procrastinator but I enjoy learning nuggets of advice from different people.

4-5.30 – Took some time off, got some food, did some yoga, you know the usual.

5.30–6 Researched keywords for my weight loss site to use on a PPC campaign – used reddit to find these keywords.

6-7 – Source wave (again) almost through most of the site now.

7-7.30 – Food + Small break

7.30-9 – (Let down by friend I was meeting) so decided to work through the evening/night and try to hit a 10+ hour day. In this 1 hour 30 I was speaking to my design guy a bit, turns out making a parallex scrolling site is a pain! Also Finally finished source wave videos that interested me, wrote a method to test which Alex Becker recommends and will be testing that with a site very soon. In this time also did keyword research for one of my small affiliate websites.

9-9.30 – I hate SSL, I hate SSL, RSA private keys are stupid, CSR is something stupid…. As you can tell I’m still trying to sort this issue, on live chat to both hostgator and namecheap and there is a third company I am probably going to need to contact (comodo…) So yeah not a great use of my time.

9.30-11 – Started promoting my insomnia website. Still not 100% sure how to optimize this yet, but beginning social rankings and seo, slowly increasing in traffic, up to about 20 per day from 0 a week ago, which is good….

11-11.30 – Break

11.30-1.30 – Listed site for sale on flippa, worked through a potential links doc and did some general link building and planning.

Only a minus 1 day in the end. Very nice J 22 hours to make up in 10 days. (Tomorrow becomes huge, as it’s the last day where I physically won’t be able to hit 12 hours) – But if I can get through a 8-10 hour day tomorrow, I think I can actually make up these 24-25-26 however much it will be in the final 9 full days (As I will be including day 30 as a full day.) So 23 hours behind (9/10 days to go)

Number of hours worked = 11 (-1)

Number of coffees/Red Bulls consumed – 0

Total +/- = 23 hours to make up

Top 3 Blog posts for September

I’m starting a mini series where I tell you guys the top 3 posts I read each month.

These are obviously all going to be related to SEO as you don’t care about the helpful video I saw about squat form or a cooking recipe or a cat video….Or do you?!?!

I do a lot of SEO reading, even when I am busy I like to keep up with some high quality blogs, I also do a lot of research on SEO so come across some shockingly poor and amazingly awesome articles.

amazingly awesome seo

This is where I report on the amazingly awesome ones.

3. Matthew Woodward’s top 100 12 months blog post – His huge post on how he built his blog.

Matthew Woordward SEO

One of the most basic yet effective methods I’ve seen and he talks openly about how he did it.

If you are looking to start up an authority blog in any niche this is the place to go. Took me a long train journey to get through his article, BUT it was worthwhile. Again he doesn’t talk BS and puts everything in metrics: number of UV per month, number of posts on forums, ZERO LINKS and most importantly EARNINGS.

2. How to build a 7 Figure SEO Agency – Title says it all, but was an awesome motivating post. (even though its over 18 months old!)

SEO How to build a 7 figure seo agency

Was not really in a how to style guide but was just motivating more than anything. Big shout out to Neil Patel. Although you need to start replying to my email/tweets ;).

1. Source Wave – Just in general, couldn’t choose 1 specific post as loved them all. I have spent probably close to 8 hours on this site over the past week and absolutely love the information Alex Becker produces.

Alex Becker

He has a new take on SEO that I haven’t seen many people reproduce.

His guides on how to get started with client SEO and how to generate an seo affiliate site (relatively cheaply) are both awesome posts.

He’s a big fan of video tutorials as opposed to written, and as a visual learner I like this!

Why is he number 1 this week?

3 main reasons 

  1. I like his style – Both on his blog, his seo style, his business style, how he presents himself and mostly that he isn’t too serious about what he posts. The occassional random GIF or completely unrelated image keeps us saine when it comes to some topics of SEO.
  2. He knows what the hell he is talking about! – He’s on 80k+ per month from SEO, although these are earnings and not profit, I am pretty sure his overheads are relatively low. Also in reality this is the only metric that really matters when it comes down to business.
  3. No nonsense – He knows how to speak to SEOs who are actually SEOs, doesn’t try to explain what a backlink is, or spend 10 minutes saying unique quality content is what you need…. As we all know its important but its not essential.


Honourable mentions: 

1. https://seono.co.uk/2014/09/10/renewal-marketing-done-right-rewarding-repeat-business/ —- Easy to keep a client than find  a new one. (interesting example)

2. https://moz.com/blog/seo-tips-https-ssl – HTTPS trend. Interesting but not essential yet.

3. https://moz.com/blog/convert-goals-into-reportable-metrics-whiteboard-friday (actually written in October and only just read it, but still gets into honourable mentions.)

Thanks for reading.

Remember to share, tweet, like and all that good stuff.


30 Day Challenge – Day 15-18

Day 15 – The new challenge

So down to 12 hours a day as the aim, as 14 at this time was going to be too difficult

Work + Travel work = 8.5 hours

Gym/chill 7-9

9-10 – Read a few articles on Matt Woodward’s blog. Very good reads if anyone is looking for a place to get some real case study examples.

10-12 – SEO contacts, writing seo article related to the contacting…. and social media work on

12-1.30 – More SEO outreach and yell business’s in Salisbury to contact.

Number of hours worked = 13 (+1)

Number of coffees/Red Bulls consumed – 2

Total +/- = 19 hours to make up

Day 16 – Slight Belief and a big idea for November Challenge

Although I know I’m still 19 hours behind. Meaning every day from here on out needs to be around 14 hours anyway, the fact that I am (slightly) closer to my revised goal is nice!

The key is days 19/20/21 which is the 3/4/5th of October 2014. I’m back home for these days and hence going to struggle even hitting 8 hour days. As don’t have my already banked 8 hours from my full time job.

If I can get through next weekend being (somehow) only 20-25 hours to make up, I feel I still have a chance. As I still don’t feel that tired and haven’t had to pull any all nighters or semi-all nighters yet.

Work – usual (9.30-6)

Travel – Starting reading “how to get things done” by David Allen, this book looks really good so far, only 20 pages in but will be reading this half an hour everyday.

8.30-9 contacted a few SEOs and sorted out some site stats issues.

9-11 – Sorted out tons of non-work related stuff

11-12 Hired a design guy to sort themes and designs of a couple of old sites, had a look at the top result for the term “seo expert” – Paul Honda, as something didn’t look right here. A pretty tame website and a “UK seo” who I am pretty sure doesn’t live in the UK. Not a lot of good links really here. Just tons of directories really and ranks #1 for seo expert….. Weird.

12-2 – Mainly spent on source-wave which has rapidly become one of my top 3 favourite SEO blogs. Also helped given me a bit of belief that I can complete this challenge and also sparked an idea for a November challenge….. But more on that once this one is complete!

Number of hours worked = 14 (+2)

Number of coffees/Red Bulls consumed – 3

Total +/- = 17 hours to make up

Day 17

Work… Poor day actually but 8 hours banked.

Didn’t manage to “optimize travel”.


Started work at 10.00

10-10.30 – Spoke to design guy, sorted 2 sites out, social media and emails. Actually applied to a job as well, sort of just “came up” so applied, who knows might hear back from them.

10.30-11 – Packed for tomorrow, going home (again) + other random things to do.

11-1 –  Everything and anything that needed doing. Mainly designy things which I hate!

1-1.30– Watched 2 videos on the source wave website – Can’t get enough of this blog at the moment. Some awesome ideas.

Number of hours worked = 11 (-1)

Number of coffees/Red Bulls consumed – 1

Total +/- = 18 hours to make up

Day 18

Work – 8 hours

Train home (did prepare for this, so pre-decided what I was going to do in this time as I knew I had 2 hours completely free so split it up but mainly reading long SEO articles that I had buffered at work and also writing guides and an article for SEO asis.

Got home and worked from 12-1 (then uploaded this article)

Annoying as I know over the next 3 days its going to be impossible to hit 12 hours a day and I am running out of time to make time up and might need to make close to 35 hours up by the end of this weekend!

Number of hours worked = 11 (-1)

Number of coffees/Red Bulls consumed – 1

Total +/- = 19 hours to make up

Day 12-14 and ITS MA BIRTHDAY

Day 12 – Interestingly awesome day

In work – had a birthday cake and card from work, which was nice, but got a half day off which was even nicer!!! So paid for 9.30-6 but left at around 1. So going to class this as 8 hours work even though it was only around 3-4ish.

Day got better when power walking to the station (going to miss the 1.40 train.) Great timing means I almost walk into a bus….Which I then walk onto (I have a 3 month unlimited travel card) so loving life at this point. Until….Card didn’t work as this was a park and ride bus…..(Different types of buses? Who knew…)

But as I had my nice big A3 bday card and birthday cake in my hands, I was given a free one…. (lucky as I didn’t have any change so would have missed the bus and hence train if not.) – Even better got dropped right outside by the driver. You sir are a legend. Or to quote myself “You’r a star”

So made the early train. Going back to Cardiff to see the family for my birthday. Sorted.

Also managed to pull out my laptop out on the train and get 2 hours of work done. Mainly reading blog posts I wanted to catch up with that I had buffered from earlier. #thinkingahead

So up to 10 hours for the day already (at 3.40) which is pretty awesome. Although this weekend generally will be in the huge minus figures, as I will be speaking to/hanging out with family and friends for the majority of it.

Awesome catch up with the family and did a bit of work in the night.

11-12 – Worked on ghostmarketing site

12-1 – Contacting SEOs experts for information request.

Number of hours worked = 13 (-1)

Number of coffees/Red Bulls consumed – 2

Total +/- = -34

Day 13 – Its My Party

Busy day outside of work and have a party tonight so only going to probably get 2 hours done. Although generally do procrastinate more when I am at home.

Work 3-5 – Mainly godaddy auction domain link analysis and seo reach outs for article.

No more work will get done today.

Time to drink some grey goose, (maybe if I link to them, their seo division will notice and send me a few free bottles….. Can’t hurt.) and for the record it does taste gooooooood!!!

grey goose

Dancing pics may be coming soon……..

Only 2 hours work today.

Number of hours worked = 2 (-12)

Number of coffees/Red Bulls consumed – Who knows how many…… 8? 10? And a bottle of this bad boy:

Total +/- = -46

Day 14 – Its my birthday! 

Lots of recovering and relaxing done today. Very little actual work. Only 2 hours on the train back to Salisbury.

I know I won’t hit the numbers now that I had originally set up at the start of this challenge, so going to change the parameters to 12 hour days and try and be more efficient with my working times. Less breaks, higher quality work…. ETC.

Number of hours worked = 2 (-12)

Number of coffees/Red Bulls consumed – 0

Total +/- = 20 hours to make up for a 12 hour day (month)….. You know what I mean.

30 Day Challenge – Day 9, 10 and 11

Day 9.

“He has 9s!!!!!!!!!” (Anyone that gets that reference can get a free seo audit from me!)

Work (9.30-6)

Managed to optimize 30 mins of work into travelling and waiting today so that was good!

Gym and shizz

Back to work for 9.30

The usual from 9.30-10.30 – Worked on social media accounts, emails, also posted the seoasis post day5-9.

10.30-11.30 – Edited insomnia site theme design and content to make it more user friendly.

11.30-12 – Took a break

12-1– SEOasis article

1-2 – researching businesses for Salisbury free website promotion

Number of hours worked = 12.5 (-1.5)

Number of coffees/Red Bulls consumed – 1

Total +/- = -29.5

Day 10.

Work 9.30-6

Gym/food/saw mates 6.30-10

10-10.30 – Social media work

10.30-11 – Wrote an article for my sports blog.

11-12 – Searching opinions for SEOasis article on how to quantify the value of a link (twitter and email reach out)

12-1 – Worked on ghostmarketing site content and design

1-1.30 – Contacted more SEOs for article research

Number of hours worked = 11.5 (-2.5)

Number of coffees/Red Bulls consumed – 3

Total +/- = -32

Day 11 – Average.

No gym and no one in.

Started at 7.00. Good start.

7-8 – Continued working on ghost marketing site. Starting to look decent now but still a few hours away from completion

8-9 – Social media work and emails and SEO outreach for article.

9-10 – Food break

10-11 – Salisbury promotion and seo outreach

11-12 – Another break, had to do some non-work tasks and chores (train tickets, packing for tomorrow etc)

12-1 – Salisbury promotions

Number of hours worked = 13 (-1)

Number of coffees/Red Bulls consumed – 1

Total +/- = -33