How to NEVER lose a client AND How to give back to our clients

Hello everybody (Dr Nick voice),

So I Read Mr Steve’s Article on Renewal marketing a month or so back, where he uses a vet as an example of renewal marketing done right, and his point was spot on, he’s not going to look for another vet for a long time! But I think this is something we fall trap of as SEOs quite often, as our entire industry is online we forget to connect on a personal level. Ya feel me?


We are always looking for the shiny new big ticket client, and sometimes can forget about Bob the builder who we already have as a client (although I stopped working with him after his stupid rebrand…. I mean C’mon! Dumb.)


Think Metro’s Summed it up nicely with “WTF have they done

Anyway Bob the builder rant over (for now).

But this had sparked my idea juices flowing into what is “too much” when it comes to renewal marketing.

I mean we can’t all just send flowers or free services to clients as we like our profit, but I think most people would agree that if you have a “good” client whose always polite and you can talk to them in a more relaxed fashion, they should be rewarded.

So how can we SEOs give something back to our clients?

These are my Ideas

To the employees – Most of the time SEOs are doing SEO for big clients with a number of employees….But if you walked into the office, the employees wouldn’t know you, hell they wouldn’t even know “Tom Buckland of Ghost Marketing” hahaha, laughed I even did that, moving on…. but they wouldn’t even know you worked with the business.

Bribe the Employees:

Viking Stationary – Is the only stationary company I will ever use for 2 reasons, none of which relate to the fact they have good products.

They sent us free stuff. I mean free umbrellas, sure there not awesome but decent quality and sure they have the Viking logo on, but when it was tipping down and I didn’t have a coat, do I care? In fact it was awesome! Relevant thoughtful free gifts! (Oh and they also sent us chocolate, nice chocolate too!) They advertise the fact they give free gifts but their prices don’t represent this so do you know what, Viking you are awesome! Well done.


Although my umbrella was relevant at the time, I would recommend going SUPER relevant to your client. This shows 2 things: 1.) You pay attention and know what they actually do. 2.) You actually care. = Trust + Personal touch.

For example: Sponsor the company’s employees for their fundraising activities. This shows you a.) Care and b.) know what’s going on!

Go Big:

These are big ones, so I only recommend them for bigger clients or you could mix them between a few clients.

ParTAY – Everyone loves a good partay, but when it comes to this, the bigger the better and as you won’t know too many people coming (the employees) you need to make it a social occassion, for example “XXXX Brand’s 20 year anniversary, Christmas party and Thank you to our clients” — Everyone related to XXXX company and their +1s to the free meal and free bar at “The Hilton Inn on XXXX of December 2014” — Now that is something I would go to!

Make a quick speech and hell you might even land a 5/10k a month client their who ends up making the party financially worth while! If not, I bet your clients stay with you anyway.

Cheers for the read. Share and like and tweet and all that good stuff.


Difference Between Yahoo Google and Bing

Super short post, more of a question than anything and a screenshot for you guys, why does this shit happen?

Difference between google yahoo and bing

Any comments/answers are welcomed, as its just something I have not really noticed before.

30 Day Challenge – What I Learnt

Round up of the 30 day challenge:

If you don’t know I challenged myself to work 14 hours of “Pure work” per day for 30 days. Spolier alert I failed. I averaged out at almost exactly 11 hours per day, which is pretty good considering I counted weekends!!!!! Anyway this article is:

“What I learnt by trying/failing to work 14/12 hour days, every day, for a month….”

It’s fucking hard! (Excuse my French.)

……But I didn’t really mind it! (More on that in a second)

And long term no one can do it and be happy!

I don’t care who you think you are but 14/12 hour pure working days, no weekends, no evenings off, cannot be done long term and keep your sanity!

People who say they work 100 hour weeks probably include the in-between times, times when they are eating, with clients and breaks. I tried 14/12 hour pure work days and it was the most tiring thing I have ever done. But was I unhappy? No not really, but long term I think no one could do it and be happy! (Delegation is not included as work for me.)

In the long term, I would be one depressed MF, but in the short term I didn’t have a problem as I know what it takes to be successful and when you are on the “precipice of success”, you need to put in a hell of a lot of work! So you don’t have to do the 9-5/6 grind for pittance for the rest of your life.

So why didn’t I mind it:

As I mentioned throughout this challenge, I did suffer from informational overload, which meant I was working on 15+ different things, whilst having a social life, university course and spending a lot of time working on fitness.

My to-do list looked like a company’s monthly ideas bank, this is when I knew I needed to absolutely smash everything on there and kill it for good.

This was my main aim for the challenge and happy to say I did complete it.

Although I did find some new ideas in this time, they are formulated into action plans that are relevant to other projects, and hence it has all started coming together, which is why I am taking another challenge to me, which is called the 3K November Challenge.

There are a couple of things left on the to-do list (annoyingly) but I will slowly cross these off over the next 2 weeks, as well as catching up on training, sleep, TV and social life!

I will then take my November Challenge. Full write up on what that is will be in the end of October, and it’s a goodie as its not time based it’s a monetary based one.

So what I learnt – Work Smart Not Long!

Be efficient when working – Don’t work for duration. Its quality over quantity! 14 hours is to much if you still want to have some sort of a life. My next challenge is going to be monetary based and it is an interesting one too!  Work smarter not longer

( Read this post half way through my challenge which was kind of counterproductive in a way but I recommend anyone looking to work “efficiently” to check it out.

Also the book by David Allen “How to get things done” is pretty good so far, only about 80 pages into so far (its what I read when I’m travelling

A word on information overload! Its very annoying

I had so many good ideas, so many things to do, all of which would probably work if I implemented them one by one and concentrated on one at a time. But using 5% of your effort across 20 projects leads to none of them being a success and frustration and to-do lists growing. So in this 30 days my main aim was to kill this huge “to do” list. And to be honest I really believe I have done it. It weirdly feels like a load off my mind, like I have mentioned before, even though I haven’t generated a lot of income from any of the tasks and apart from a few websites I don’t have that much physically to show for it, but I wouldn’t change the past 30 days for anything.

I’m sure there were not many people who read all 30 days of my posts as I was mainly using them as tracking and to force myself to do it to.

But in total the figures ended up at:

30 days @ 11 hours per day = 330 hours, not too bad. Aimed for over 400 at first but looking back that was ambitious.

Like I mentioned work smart, don’t work long!

For the record, I know the term is “work smart not hard” but FTS.


30 Day Challenge – Day 27,28,29 and 30!

Day 27 –Information overload is a bitch

11.30-12.30 – Caught up on some work left over from yesterday + edited senuke campaigns.

Went shopping and this took an age!!! Because… The Doms of my upper back.  If you don’t know what that is, google it.

Started work again around 3.

3-5 – Organised all documents, thoughts, ideas and formulated a plan for the next few months and the November challenge.

I’m officially very happy that I have organised my thoughts and ideas now, it’s such a relief, even though there is no physical benefit from this. It’s such a big mental weight off my back. Took an hours break.

6-8 – Ghost Marketing design and content doc, created social media accounts too.

8-11 – Created and edited all the seo information I had saved on my laptop. Created a “all in one” SEO method.

11-12 – Food, chill, watched suits S4 E1, quality programme!

12-2 – Finished the sort and planned the November challenge, cannot explain the relief!

2-3 – The final content for GM site. (Don’t mind staying up a bit later today as housemate’s brother went out so came back loud at half 2/ would have woken me up anyway, so no worries this way.)

Number of hours worked = 11 (-1)

Number of coffees/Red Bulls consumed – 1


Day 28 – May have got up at 2.30…… Woops

As the title says I did accidently sleep into 2.30. But it’s a Sunday so no problems really.

Got up, gym and came home and its 6.00 lol.

Worked from 6-8 – Mainly content for affiliate sites

10-12 – Links for content sites…..

Only 4 hours worked, but will definitely finish this challenge with an average over 11 hours, which is pretty impressive I think.

Number of hours worked = 4 (-8)

Number of coffees/Red Bulls consumed – 0


Day 29 – Winding down

Slowly winding down, going to end up hitting a 330 hour month, averaging 11 hours a day, which is pretty impressive if you ask me, but nothing amazing, still a good figure though.

Work (lots of warehouse work today) (8.5 hours)

10.30-11 – Tied up a few loose ends, sorting links and SEnuke campaign.

11-12 – Worked through a weight loss affiliate site

Early night.

Number of hours worked = 10 (-2)

Number of coffees/Red Bulls consumed – 2



Going to hit a 15 hour day tomorrow so my average is 100% 11 hours a day!

Day 30 – The final day

Work (8.5 hours)

7.30-10 – Researched lots of domains and SEO link analysis, for my main promotion, which is actually promoting glow sticks and Selfie Poles. Interesting stuff!

10-10.30 – Food + Chilled

11 hours so far. Gonna be a longgggg night to get to 15 hours today, but must be done as it is the final day!

10.30-11.30 – Internet was/is being shitty, worked on an senuke campaign and planned a few things on my inbetween time. Also brought a dongle.

11.30-12.30 – Made notes and read –

12.30-2 – Ghost Marketing site content, started promotions and linking and finishing touches to design.

That was a hella tiring 30 days zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

30 Day Challenge – Day 24,25,26

Day 24

Having to try and get all of yesterday’s work done and todays work to not get behind.

Work 8.5 hours (9-6)

From 9-11 – Content and design for the Ghost Marketing site, finally looking close. Still at least a week away from it being finished though.

11 – 12.30 – Finished Seo article on Value of a Link which will be live by the time you / if you read this. Also wrote a quick article on the Majestic rebrand

12.30-1.30 – Continued on Salisbury Promotion doc, up to 400 businesses (planning on refining the list).

1.30-2 – Finished a few things on insomnia websites.

Number of hours worked = 13.5 (+1.5)

Number of coffees/Red Bulls consumed – 0


But looks like I’m gonna fail this challenge…. Went back and counted the total hours worked, hoping I would have under-counted but unfortunately notL.

Day 25

Work 9.30-6.15 (8.5 hours worked)

7-7.30 created an SENUKE campaign, starting to use this software now a big more.

7.30-8.30 Finished and uploaded big seo article on value of a link also tweeted and emailed everyone who responded!

8.30-9.30 – Break + Loved the responses that were coming in about the value of a link article J was really nice to see.

9.30-10.30 – Finished the Yell business collection. Up to 482 without websites….

10.30-11 – Got some food, chilled…

11-11.30 – Refined of yell businesses, deleted any duplicates and ones that did actually have a website

11.30-12.30 – Created an Senuke campaign for insomnia affiliate site

12.30-2 – Worked on ghost marketing, seo oasis sites content and design. Also checked through Salisbury’s businesses list to see if any actually already have a website…Time consuming….

Number of hours worked = 14 (+2)

Number of coffees/Red Bulls consumed – 2


If you hadn’t guessed it, I don’t like to go to sleep later than 2.00 as I don’t want to risk being overly tired… 6 hours sleep is fine for a few weeks. Sleep is for the weak anyway…zzzzz

Wish I was only 13 hours away as would have made the last 5 days really interesting, (Going to count day 30 as a working day.)

Day 26 – Information Overload

Work 9-6. (8.5 hours work)

7-7.30 – Read SEOno’s new article on doing Clients Seo for client’s clients clients’ – Some inception shiz going on in this article. But solid as always from Steve.

7.30-8 – Created another small SEnuke campaign, starting to use this tool a bit more for general linking purposes. Still believe the strength is in high DA/PR relevant links (with the rest of the SEO population) But Senuke gives a little bump.

8-10 – Break, gym, food.

10-11 – Finished Salisbury Business’s refining. Will order printed letters soon for direct mailing campaign.

11-12 – Opimized affiliate seo sites

12-1.30 – Huge organise of thoughts, tactics, ideas and earnings doc, this will continue onto tomorrow, as this was the aim of my entire 30 day challenge.

Number of hours worked = 13 (+1)

Number of coffees/Red Bulls consumed – 2


Still not impossible to make up 22 hours in 4 days…. Although do not fancy working 17 hour days for 4 days straight.