The Holy Trinity of online marketing – SEO, Sales and Web Design

Hi guys,

So I just finished up listening to the no hat digital’s podcast with Kotton Grammer. I’m a huge fan of Kotten, and it is true he does  have the best name of anyone in the SEO industry.

The podcast is great and I recommend you check it out, but one thing that himself and Hayden talked about was the “HOLY TRINITY” of online marketing, and having recently set up Ghost Marketing I’d been able to guess what they had said before they even said it. But the trinity is: SEO, Sales (copy) and web design.

Together these 3 are incredibly powerful. And although many people might think they have all 3, most of the time they only half half or 1 or 2 thirds of another. For example my web design and copy is horrible. But I recently found a cool guy to help me out with design and also someone else I use to work with to help too.

Sales/copyrighting side of things is still quite poor and I just hate doing it too. But close friends help me and a flatmate also is quite knowledgeable with this sort of thing, so they chip in too.

This whole part of the podcast struct a cord with me as it was SOOO relevant. When Kotton said:

It’s incredibly rare you find someone with the holy trinity of skills

Yet most of us try and do everything ourselves, especially when starting up, usually to keep costs down and if your like me I like to get things done FAST!!!! And your average web designer/company will want a month to do a website whereas I got my most recent (BIG) project done in 6 days!

I would recommend to anyone starting their own online marketing business to not try and do everything yourself but instead find people that have the skill set that can help each other. This is a problem I had (still have) and because of this I have set up a small private facebook group and looking to get about 10 people in there with a variety of web design, SEO and Copy writing skills.

Currently its just me in there….


forever alone seo


But I would be looking to get a small group of around 10 business entruenurs, with a very defined skill set of either: SEO, Web design or Sales (Copyrighting). If you think you fit the bill then go to: and request 🙂

Hopefully we can help each other out and build a go to network of people if we need something done within hours and not months.



SEO for Small Business Owners

SEO ROI – Return On Investment for SEO Campaigns

How Much Should You Expect if you Rank A Client #1 for a Keyword?

EDIT: I wrote a super-guide on my other website about SEO ROI, you can find it at:


This is one of the most difficult topics to explain in the SEO world as most SEOs don’t really look into ROI.

We all know keyword research is incredibility important, but return on investment? What?

This is particularly important if you are looking to close a client.

If you quote a client £2,000 a month and have no ROI calculations, how is this client going to know it will be worth his while? In this video I explain how you can generate a semi-reliable figure for ranking specific keywords. Hope you enjoy 🙂


Usually these top 3’s will only contain blog posts, but I have to include books this month as 2 books have had a huge impact on my mindset and how I do business.

So top 3 for the month:

3.) Source Wave – Again Alex Becker gets in the top 3, his ongoing content is awesome and I know he does promote his own products and I have to say I have never purchased any, but the free information he gives out is explained in depth without any fluff, apart from him acting like a fool. I recommend all the information on his blog and he’s one of the people I actually open emails from, so I would recommend joining his list too.

Getting Things Done2.) Getting Things Done

This is book 1 of the 2 that are included this month, this is a book by David Allen about productivity, and the title gets no awards either….sounds boring? Its not! Productivity is the most important factor we all struggle against in internet marketing / SEO industries. I am SOO guilty of this, I find myself checking rankings at least once a day, instead of leaving it once a week or once every few days, I also (use to) procrastinate a lot. Especially when doing something such as facebook ads, you find yourself scrolling through the news feed and have to remind yourself, NO this is work time not procrastination time. (This theme is furthered in the top book for the month).

But David goes into extreme detail (without being boring) about the major problems and how to stop these, for example as we all know checking emails, checking rankings and drinking coffee have absolutely ZERO extra direct benefit to our business. BUT if we reply to emails, write articles on rankings or are more efficient thanks to that caffeine kick, this might have a direct effect!

1.) The Millionaire Fastlane

MJ DEMarco Fastline millionaireNow do I hate the name and cover? Yes. Because it looks kind of “get rich fast-y” But the content, bloody hell is it good. At no point do I recommend this book if you are looking for direct business advice as you will get nothing on increasing sales, conversions or anything of that nature, what you will get is a solid punch in the face. You moan about not making enough money but you are a slow laner – Why is it considered the right thing to do now to go to Uni, get a degree, get a good job, save, invest, and then when your 55 you will have a bit of money for retirement and might consider yourself wealthy.

I never realised how true this was, but being at University currently, this is 100% the case. Who the F*** decided that that was how the ladder worked? I didn’t even realise that I was going that way and I would consider myself very entrepreneurial.This is the book that finally woke me up (and also my 9-6 low paid intern job) to the fact that you don’t have to be a Uni-drone-Success. 

Personal note on this: I have since tried to explain this to about 7 people I am close to. 2 parents, 3 work colleagues and 2 close friends. All of whom didn’t get it. I didn’t say the words “I’m going to drop out of uni” But that is all they heard and advised me against it. Even my parents who are in fact self employed!!!

This is the book that kicked my ass into getting into the November Challenge and doing it to the best of my ability!

I find this so strange as its not like we don’t hear about the people with no/poor education becoming multi billionaires; Richard Branson and Henry Ford spring to mind.

Read this book if you want to be success and not work into your 50s. That’s all I will say, whether you believe me or not, frankly my dear I don’t give a dam!


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November Challenge

Day 1 – Intro

As you guys know I love a good challenge.

This November, I’m going to try a big one, which is to become a full time (only) freelance SEO AKA Self employed AKA work when I want for who I want.

I currently make what I would consider a small amount of money online. But as I am growing, purchasing digital assets, promoting my own sites, doing some affiliate SEO, this is all a long term game, so I also work in house at a marketing, doing their digital marketing. As I am technically on my placement year they are paying me “Intern rates” which are pretty terrible, and I know my time could be utilised a lot more effectively growing my online business.

Turning this wanting to go full time into a challenge is going to help me finally take the plunge as I do tend to pull it off, as the risk factor has always been an issue…..

Starting on November 1st – TODAY! I’m going to look to make £3,000 profit by “almost” any means necessary. Which isn’t a lot of money but would be 3x what I am earning working in house full time, which is crazy.

If I do this I will walk into work on December 1st and hand in my 1 months notice. This means as of 1/1/2015 I would be self employed FINALLY 🙂

Ideally I didn’t want to put a monetary value on this challenge, as making £3,000 just working evening and weekends is going to be difficult. But as I have no one relying on me this would be enough to set up officially and not worry about having to make a profit in month 1!

I will be keeping the blog updated but not to the same level as the 30 day 14 hour challenge, as that used up a lot of time!

I will be posting weekly updates, if not more frequently, with relevant information.My main methods to aim to make this amount are as follows:

Aim: £500 – Selling links, and before everyone starts crying about Google banning this, people still buy links, I have a lot of digital assets, I’m going to sell links. Its quick, its easy and its profitable.

Aim: £1500 – Local business asset rental, similar to a method mentioned in one of Alex Becker’s videos, this involves ranking for reletively easy low competition keywords and then renting these pages to the relevant business owners. E.G. a page showing top 3 for “Dentists in Cardiff” can be rented for at least £300 p/m. I will be targeting less competitive niches and areas, but will be looking to get £50-100 per page per city. This would also be residual which is always a plus!

Aim: £2000 – Client generation – This is the biggest chunk and although the £2000 would not be profit, especially in the first month of getting a new client, This is again ongoing income.

Aim: £500 – Local SEO Clients – This is similar to the above but I will be promoting in a different method and hence comes under a different heading.

Aim: £300 – Affiliate SEO – Can’t see me targeting this too much this month but around £300 should be easily achievable through CPA sites I have.

Aims = £4800, this means I can spend: £1800 and still hit my target…..

I do want this bad and I’m semi-confident I can achieve it.

Wish me luck 🙂