New Business – Introduction

Hi guys,

Over the past 2-3 months I’ve been toying with the idea of setting up a new business. The business model itself is very close to the SEO / Digital marketing agency model but it’s something I personally haven’t seen anyone offering, but has the potential to become extremely successful. This is only a pre-launch notification to individuals who might be interested in following along. I don’t want to reveal too much about the business yet until it is fully up and running, but as of today I have made the decision to create this business.

The reason I’m going to do it as a case study through the SEO Oasis blog is so people can get an idea of what needs to be done when setting up a business. I’m a huge believer in putting in the effort up-front, in the first year, 2 years, heck 10 years if it takes that long, but once its in a certain position, you can make X amount of money on a semi-passive basis. I say semi passive as the business model in question still relies on clients and there is always a level of work involved in client style businesses.

The Marketing

Marketing the business especially in the early days is going to be done through SEO (surprise) and also an emphasis on Paid ads. Unlike SEO this market isn’t as flooded and as a result should be easier to get up and running, the main issue is going to be convincing individuals about the profitability of the service (again similar to seo.) Below is the 5 marketing channels I am going to be utilising:

  1. SEO – Ranking on Google for the primary keywords as quickly as possible.
  2. PPC – Google & Facebook ad campaigns.
  3. Blog Comments – For traffic / referrals and not the seo value.
  4. Guest Posts – This one could be huge or a flop but I will likely try to get on some authortative blogs to gain referrals and again the SEO value is a nice bonus.
  5. Quora – Looking to generate a couple of leads through quora answering.
  6. Forums – Depending on how much time is left over I may become active on some marketing/business forums with this service.
  7. Video – Ranking YouTube videos for relevant keywords.

This is all I can say so far, but the general aim of the business will be to generate £1,500 in profit (around 3 “jobs” per month.) I will be doing monthly updates here, so if you want to say up to date give me a follow on twitter and look out for the “NEW POST” tweets! Cheers.

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