Local SEO – The Perfect Case Study

I decided to make this case study for a couple of reasons. The 1st is to show how profitable local SEO can be to small businesses and the 2nd is to show the method I used to generate these awesome results.

If we start from the results, this was for a semi competitive local keyword. SV according to SEMrush (as who trusts Google) of top 3 terms we ranked for was around 1,500.

Example 1

This was a brand new business and when I first rank the rank tracker report back in February, their visibility was 0. It’s now sitting around 97% with a few keywords ranked 2nd/3rd instead of 1st.

example 2

A quick shout out to rank tracker, I still recommend them as a report to send directly to clients. Makes it a lot easier to show a increase in visibility.

How We Did It

I say we as the client was very helpful in the whole process, and I document all steps I take for websites, which means that when these results do come across its easy to see what has worked.

On-page – The usual stuff here, as I helped built the site, I was able to utilise my knowledge at the start and didn’t need to go back and change title/h1/url tags which meant Google picked up the correct types first time around. Whether this has a big difference or not, its just helpful none the less.

Google my business / plus – Created a basic google plus and my business page. This is a big one that some SEOs forget! Got the postcard and verified…All good.

Backlinking – 95% branded anchor text

Citations – The next step were the citations, I manually created 20 citations from the biggest sites (yell/ukbf/my local services).

Weebly + Ghost – Created a hand written high quality weebly to act as a tier 1 site. I also linked from my website’s homepage which is very powerful.

PBNs – Created branded anchor text links to the client’s site directly, relevant articles (the usual stuff). As well as this I created anchor specific links to the weebly page.

Other citations – Hired 2 people to finish the citation building, giving a total of 150 submitted and giving us number 1 position for all relevant keywords in Google maps. Although according to whitespark the total number of citations is: 14, with the 2nd and 3rd ranked businesses with more… Hmm.


That was it! (Except the kicker below).

The Kicker

The kicker was the site was updated and added to by the client every week. It’s now a 50+ page site, a small blog, a good twitter following and as a result the links that I was generating related nicely to the growing business and the full value of the links were passed (as the site was trusted / natural.)

It’s important to explain to any future seo clients you or your agency may generate that its not a “forget and run” campaign. SEO is a 2 way street, you keep your site updated, write blogs, active social followings, this makes our SEO process a lot easier!

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