Is DA over valued? Is it even possible to compete with the SEO big dawgs?

Just a quick article today. With a bit of a rant….

Title says it all.

Nowadays in the age of domain authority being such a huge factor and relevancy going down slightly, is it impossible to generate a sustainable seo blog with strong traffic figures (10,000+ UV p/m.)?

My opinion is leaning towards the inevitable truth that the SEO industry may turn into a monopoly.

SEO Oasis is a unknown seo blog in the grand scheme of things, but has a few decent posts, but these are constantly outranked by other SEO big dog websites, such as your Moz’s, SELands, SEwatches and even others with reletively high DA.

A prime example of this is the “top seos ever” post I wrote a while back.

Received a positive response from the SEO community, getting a couple of hundred views in 2 days, a high number of social shares and a solid link from a strong seo blog.

Top seos screenshot

Strong user experience metrics and a 8 minute average time on page.

But yet still for the search term “best seos ever” the site only appears 4th.


With the 3 sites ranking above being pretty unrelated to the actual search term itself.

This (to me at least) shows that Google is over valuing the domain authority metric.

Let me know if you think Google has over valued the domain authority metric or not below.



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