Image SEO Case Study: Cardiff’s Best Looking Guy?

OK so I just finished up Matt’s image optimisation article. A couple of things I really liked in there and reminded me that I still haven’t done an Image SEO case study on SEOOasis. So wanted to test it fully using a few funny/silly examples.

So thought it would be good to get the following keywords ranked:

  1. “Tom Buckland” — Would be useful.
  2. “Best looking guy in Cardiff” — Would be funny.
  3. “Best Coffee Shop in Cardiff” — Needed a more competitive example.

Current Rankings

Coming in 6th and 12, 13, 14, 15… Although don’t really want those ones up there so we’ll go with the snap in 6th position.

Screenshot TB

For “best looking guy in Cardiff” strangely I wasn’t there…. But instead a Burger.


As for “best coffee shop in Cardiff” – Not really much going on apart from hipster pictures of coffee.


The Process:

The process itself is pretty simple, ranking an image is easier than ranking a site. Stage 1 is essentially On-page optimisation although this does also include where you are going to host the image itself. The highest ranking images were all from walesonline, which is a very high local authority in Cardiff, as a result even if the image isn’t directly related to the search query it will still rank, AKA “Best looking guy in Cardiff” and the 1st result is a burger!

So the first step was to decide where the images were going to be initially uploaded. For the first 2 examples I’m going to stick with the images from SEOOasis as these already have some authority and relevance, the only changes is going to involve re-uploading the same image onto SEO Oasis and optimising it for our target keywords “best looking guy in Cardiff” painful as that may be! — That’s a lie I loved it the image for this is below too.

Best looking guy in Cardiff

Below is a screenshot of the file information properties before uploading it to the site. I also added the Latitude and Longitude information too. There are better ways to geo-tag images but as I don’t see this keyword being too competitive this will do.

Image Properties

The image I’m going to use for best coffee shop in Cardiff is below too, similar optimisation as previously. Just parent’s cafe name so thought that would be a cool idea.

best coffee shop in Cardiff

best coffee shop in Cardiff

Stage 2 – Syndication & Power

Above is all pretty standard, it’s just the basic optimisation you would expect. As long as the image alt tags are in place that’s all you generally need.

Stage 2 though is going to be syndicating the images to sites such as flickr, Google plus etc. As well as linking to the images from a number of places. This can be something as easy as posting the image through your social properties, adding the image on a blog or website or embedding it on any websites you own. If you don’t own any additional web properties, create some! Or pay someone else to post it on their site.

The Results

Results will be posted in 2-3 weeks as we need to wait for the above images to get indexed.

First Results

So it’s been a few weeks and the 1st stage of results are in. For our easiest keyword (best looking guy Cardiff) the results only took a few days to hit #1 position and stuck ever since. This is because the keyword is very easy, there aren’t many people trying to rank for this and UNLIKE in the organic search results, images are more geared to exact match keywords. Meaning we don’t need to build authority around this term to rank 1st for it. [Even the other images on this page actually rank on the top row too.]

Screenshot Results

So that was relatively easy as we expected.

Moving onto the next keyword “Tom Buckland” – Obviously a much more difficult one and there hasn’t been any movement on this yet. One element I think may help is instead of ranking the image uploaded to this website, we will rank the one on my Linkedin. This is posted below so we can get some more relevance for the post. This also helps build our authority for the image itself, remember images still need both authority and relevance. There’s a lot of relevance on this blog in relation to my name, but not too much authority as the DA of the site is pretty low. The only image here is obviously we cannot change the URL structure of the image which is a bunch of numbers/letters.

Tom Buckland

Tom Buckland

3rd example

The third example is an interesting one. So again the image was uploaded to this site, meaning there is not much relevance to coffee shops or (that much) relevance to Cardiff. So ranking for “best coffee shop in Cardiff” was going to need a lot of links directly to the image and a ton of syndication too (which is still in progress.)

The current results are interesting. The image is currently on the 5th row of Google images, which is a nice place to get indexed. One element that is going to help is when the syndicated URLs get indexed and when we build more relevant/authority backlinks to it! But new update will be in a few weeks.

Update 20th June 2017

So the best looking keyword is now solidly in first so no need to update on that.

The other 2 keywords are increasing slowly but far too slowly really. So what I’m going to do is add a few PBN embeds of the images. 3 on each image and see where we are in a couple more weeks. Adding some local relevance would also be advantageous but I don’t really want to add my face to any citations!

Current rankings coffee shop keyword: 16th  Tom Buckland keyword – 5th.

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