How I generated 20,000 unique visitors, 22 enquiries and 5 new clients

With 1 rant, all in only 30 days.

All this to my brand new SEO Consultant website, which had previous received less than 300 visits per month.

The post that did it all is here.

Ghost Marketing Stats

The article was a simple one written about the apprentice final and the winner (Mark Wright’s) idea, which was “Climb Online” A digital marketing agency providing SEO services to businesses. Not a new or unique idea, but it won none the less.

The article was a bit of a rant, talking about what I think he did wrong and basically why I think he will fail, again if you want a read link is above.

I don’t watch the apprentice and I personally don’t understand why such “gifted” business entrepreneurs would go on a TV show and embarrass themselves for any amount of money let alone giving away 50% of their business if they do end up winning. If you’re really that good of an entrepreneur you will raise the money some other way, or scale your business up like anyone else. I don’t believe you should give up 50% of a business before you’ve even started for any amount of money….But that’s just me, anyway moving on.

The Process

The process was painfully simple: Write an article, share it socially, rank for some relevant keywords, get the traffic, and make the sales. Content marketing in a nut shell!

The article was written in about 30 mins, in front of a TV, there were spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes and a few people actually took the time to contact me with “you suck at grammar”, thanks I have this message for you:

yoda IDGAF

Initially the article had no images and a lot of rambling, (this was tidied up once the article began to gain some exposure but still wasn’t your “golden content” you’d expect to be used for a content marketing strategy.

Once I’d finished I took to social media, mainly twitter. This is my number 1 way to get a few extra eyeballs to a post without being spammy.

The hashtags #apprentice and #apprenticefinal were used throughout the show and as my article was live even before the show finished, I gained some good early exposure through these. Posting my article in a non spammy way all over the hashtags, replying to comments and talking with other SEOs who were ranting about the apprentice got me an early 300 views within an hour of the show finishing.

This is when I knew I was onto something that could get me a lot of exposure. So I tidied up the article a lot more, made it flow and added a “get a real quote” style call to action. Nothing special was done here just a clean-up job with a bit of a “hire me” style promotion.

The early social shares, on page seo and authority of the ghost marketing domain made the post well optimised and within 2 days it was on page 1 for “climb online” the business name of the winner. Within a week it was actually 2nd behind the climbonline domain about rock climbing (Shout out to Steve who was kind enough to put a link and message on his site linking to me.)

The rest of the process took care of itself, once the article was submitted it received almost 20,000 UV inside a 1 month period and has seemed to have sparked Ghost Marketing, leading to 22 enquiries of which 5 came on monthly packages. With a few new enquiries still trickling through.

The article began to drop and at one point only ranked 9th, so I spiced it up a bit, generated a few more links and it’s now sitting in the middle around 4/5th for “climb online” and other related phrases.

This one article should result in well over £2,000 additional monthly earnings. Which is not bad for a rant if you ask me.

My first real taste of content marketing and I think I like it.

Share, tweet and all that good stuff.

Thanks for reading.


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