The Local SEO Definitive Course – Why Did I Write This?

Recently I’ve launched an seo training course page geared around targeting businesses in Cardiff. Although the course is online, so not specific to a certain location, I get a lot of leads from Cardiff and the surrounding areas that simply can’t afford what we do. There are multiple comments of people looking for £200/month SEO and honestly if you are being quoted that, you need to be very careful who you do business with!

The WHY?

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New Service Amazon Consulting

Over the past month I’ve been designing an amazon consulting service, as most people know I have an Amazon business of my own in the fitness industry and above all else I noticed how much of a pain it is to get started and how important it is to launch your product to amazon and rank it for relevant keywords…. This is where you make the serious money with Amazon (whether that be FBA or as a merchant.)

Google is very different to the amazon search engine, whereas Google’s sole purpose is to show you the most relevant results, Amazon basis their rankings on sales, the more sales you make the higher you rank (but also more than that.) Amazon will rank the product that makes THEM the most money, the highest. Now most of the time this is the product that makes the most sales, but if that product is extremely cheap and gets a lot of bad reviews (and refunds) then the ranking will decrease….

As with Google, Amazon does use keywords in their algo, title, description, bullet points are all taken into account, but this is a lot more of a minor ranking factor, and its also not possible to “over optimise” – This is something I see all the time with normal SEO clients.

Reviews also play a role, but generally this is more for user experience (and conversions) than the ranking algo itself.

So if you are interested in getting on amazon or improving your current listings, then feel free to contact me via: the prices and services included are on here too.

The 4 Rules no one tells you about being self-employed.

WARNING: This turns into a rant.

It’s a grind.

Doesn’t matter who you are, 99% of business owners have to grind at one point on their business journey. Whether the grind lasts a month, a year or 10 years, that all depends on how smart (not hard) you work and where you start from. I’m not talking about the “tough days”, I’m talking about the daily grind, when 10pm means getting started with work, and when 100% of your profits are re-invested and you’re making 10k a month but still eating super-noodles in a dark basement.

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