So You Think Black Hat SEO is Dead? SAPE Case Study

Black Hat SEO Bing

Warning: If you get offended when people test black hat stuff, probably not a good idea to keep reading.

Okay now that’s out of the way I’ll get cracking on the case study.

Ranking Using Sape | Black Hat SEO Case Study | Bing & Black-Hat SEO = A Match Made in Heaven!

Basically whatever you want to call it, this is a case study I ran (still running) for approximately 6 weeks and £100. Trying to rank an old “seo agency” style website. Previously to this test the website didn’t even rank 1st for its brand and had been left dominant for 6 months.

The ranking methodology was simply, I’d be using 100% money anchor links from the powerful link network sape. If you don’t know Sape is a underground Russian link network that is awesome for testing black hat SEO stuff.

My aim was to rank the site for the most competitive SEO company style keywords I could think of. LUCKILY this company had a registered London address and before everything fell through I was able to build 10 citations. Which gave the site a tiny bit of trust + the 10 month index date always helps.

The keywords I choose were: “SEO Company London” “SEO services London” “SEO Company” and “SEO Services”. As well as everything related to UK SEO / UK SEO services blah blah.

Current Results:

  1. SEO Company London = 1st
  2. SEO Services London = 3rd
  3. SEO Company = 24th
  4. SEO Services = nowhere

And as Bing is Yahoo, results are the same for Yahoo. Sure its only Bing but Bing and Yahoo now have a market share of 20%. And 20% of something is a hell of a lot better than 80% of f*ck all! 

Google Market Share

Sidenote: To the individuals who say black hat SEO is dead for Google, again afraid not. Another case study I’m running which I’m not going to reveal on here has been ranking in with 50% sape links, but with Google you need to push there other trust buttons to rank, Yahoo and Bing, well they are just fine with POWER over everything.

Next Stop

The next stop is page 1 for “seo company” and “seo services”. Hope you will join me for this post.

Update – 9th December

So it’s the start of December and I’ve been targeting 1 keyword extremely hard but some results have actually been quite interesting. 1 of my initial 301 domains I pointed at the website was GSA’d. If you don’t know, GSA is generally seen as a backlinking indexer tool or a great tool to rank youtube videos or parasite pages. But to a website itself is a no-no.

Anyway I decided to remove this 301 to improve the “quality” of the site a little. As I think it might have been a little too much spam even for Bing!

This was on about 20th November. Results were actually negative in Bing, dropped from top 3 spots on a few keywords but interestingly I got re-indexed into Google. Coming in around the 120s mark for 4-5 keywords.

SEO Rankings

After the slight dip my focus has been on the broad “seo company” and “seo services” keywords. As in Bing/Yahoo the search volumes even for quite competitive keywords, e.g. “seo company London” is just too low. In this same time I also purchased another 10-15 high quality sape links. These are homepage links on (mainly) websites.

Current rankings: 

  • SEO Company – 7th.
  • SEO Services – Page 3
  • UK SEO Services – 4th
  • UK SEO – 3rd.
  • UK SEO COMPANY – 4th.
  • SEO Company London – 1st.
  • SEO Services London – 2nd.

Update in a month or so.

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