Best Backlink Builders to Follow into 2018

BEST BACKLINK BUILDERSBacklink generation is the most misunderstood element of SEO as a whole.

Links are essential for rankings and they always will be.

But they are never a numbers game.

Give me 1 amazing link over 10 average ones anyday. 

I have a very big concept around how links will be valued in the future.

This involves Google getting smarter about exactly how many people click a link itself AKA how much traffic that link generates. I even did a video on it.

I wanted to talk about a couple of link builders I follow on a weekly basis and who I really respect in the industry.

They all take a different approach to one another but are very effective and efficient at what they do.

DanRay1.) Dan Ray

Dan Ray is a white hat link builder who has systematised a very effective way to build high quality backlinks.

The process itself is based around creating a great piece of content…. But then not just sitting there hoping to get links.

Because, as you probably already know, if you just sit there and wait for people to link to you, you’ll be waiting a hell of a long time to rank!

Instead Dan’s systems are based around reaching out in a systematised and efficient way. Creating what he terms search operators to search for link prospects inside of Google, whilst at the same time filtering the junk results out.

He then has a team to find the contact information of these sources and reach out in a personalised way, with the key on value propositions.

This is a great term to remember whatever type of link building you are trying to do.

A value proposition is simply a way of exchanging perceived value.

For example if we are asking for a link, what are we offering to the person we want a link from?

Is it just a great piece of content they can use on their site? (guest posts)

Is it a resource their audience will find interesting or useful? (resource pages)

Is it money?

Whatever the value proposition is, it has to benefit both parties.

Dan is 100% white hat.

logo-diggitymarketing-final-black-bg2.) Matt Diggity

Matt Diggity is a grey hat link building expert.

He’s been around in the SEO community for years and is seen as one of the authorities for link building using PBNs.

He does a ton of testing and as a result has some incredible data on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to link building using private blog networks.

To anyone who thinks PBNs are dead or dying I’d strongly advice a read……


Matt’s blog is geared around insanely useful pieces of material not just related to link building but to generally making more money through ranking websites.

Recently he created an CRO for SEOs guide (think that would be the best way to describe it.)

This is a post that I personally loved and started integrating for both client and personal projects alike as soon as I completed it!


Both Matt and Dan are 2 guys I would highly recommend following into 2018 when it comes to real actionable link building advice.

There are a number of other sources that are both free and paid but if you are looking for the best link builders that offer both free AND paid info, then those 2 are your guys.

Ghost_MarketingPersonal mention: 

As a result of the new direction I believe Google will be taking in the current months I’ve re-build my entire business to focus on building these links that are not only extremely valuable but also generate a huge amount of traffic. This is what Ghost Marketing has relaunched to become.

I’m also doing a daily link building tips series at the moment. This is a simple 5 minute video every single day that talks about a specific aspect of link building. AKA daily tips! If you are interested in those videos then you can subscribe to the YT channel here.


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