Backlinking Method 1 – Quality Over Quantity

This is another mini series im going to do on this site as I think it is the number aspect people struggle with when it comes to SEO. Most business owners and online marketers now know the basics of onpage optimization and where to include keywords etc, but they have no idea how to get any backlinks to their site and hence they are stuck on page 10 for the keywords they are trying and need to rank for.

The first point Im going to make in this series is the quality over quantity one. Most people when they are trying to build links look for numbers, i.e. “1000 links for $50” and think, hey that’s pretty good, only 5c a link. But if someone is running this offer it is almost certain that these links are not good links and hence will not benefit your website anywhere near as much as you think and hence you should spend more time (and/or money) getting higher quality links pointing back to your site.

The Google pagerank factor is used to deduce how good a link is but this scale does not work on a 1/2/4 ratio. For example is 2 PR0 links worth the same as 1 PR1 one? NO!!

Not all links were made equal

I would rather have 1 relevant PR5 link than 500 PR0 ones. Which means I will be willing to pay a little bit more for it. I have said it once and will say it again, quality beats quantity in MODERN SEO. Back in the 2005-2009 days you may have gotten away with it, but now no chance! Focus on building quality backlinks from relevant high quality sites and you will be fine.


The Number of links you will need of that type to be that PR……….

There have been countless case studies done where someone has used 2 different techniques to rank for similar keywords, and almost always the one with the better relevance and higher quality links will outrank the one that may have a lot more links but they will be from lower quality or unrelated sites!

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