8 Great Ways to Get New SEO clients

link from www.koozai.comWe all want more money, and if you don’t then go and watch TV or something, because this article won’t concern you.

If you have a solid SEO strategy, good rankings for your primary sites and have a business that you trust and are fully committed to, then the only thing missing is clients.

More clients = More Money

There is no 2 ways around the fact that more clients will equal more money. Especially if you have everything that I mentioned above (commitment and motivating for your business.)

Along with commitment and motivation there are 3 key elements you need before you get started: Enjoyment or passion for what you do, knowledge for what you do and doing something you are actually good at. (These are the 3 legs on which your business stands – Credit this statement to a Mr Jarrod Drawbaugh, can’t remember where I found your eBook Sir but it was rather good.)

Anyway, if you have everything else in place then the only other thing you need is more clients and more clients DOES equal more money.

Below is cut table from Moz’s SEO agencies research which shows the number of employees vs the number of clients a specific SEO company has. This shows that you don’t need to have hundreds of clients on your own to make a successful business!

SEO agency information data

So this post is going to focus on how you can get more SEO clients to your SEO business. Let’s get started!

1. Actually look for them!

I hear about so many people who have set up SEO companies (usually marketing companies actually) who wonder why they don’t have clients…

“I have this this and this and I could ensure a 150% ROI for any client blah blah blah”

– Yeah? Have you told people this?

-Um….. No.

– So your a marketing company but you don’t market yourselves?….”

-You have to market to your market. It might be difficult but you have to do it!

Weirdly enough, this is where the majority of businesses fail. They establish a great product/service/idea, set up the business (whether this be online or a premises) and then wonder why they are not making any money…

Marketing is key. Marketing is king. Marketing is everything. (And yes that did rhyme BOOM) “Tom Buckland 2014” TM

2. Refine your search – Think Local

We are all guilty of this at one point or another – Looking for the huge SEO client paying us 10k a month with hundreds of keywords and a globally recognised brand.

But it’s always better to start off small.

Even if you have been going for a long time, (but you still need/would like more clients) its always worth targeting your local market, finding the small business owners who are looking to expand their business.

These are also some of the easiest clients to market to and close, as most of the time you can meet them face to face, build trust and expand the situation. Although this might be nerve-racking at first, after the third or fourth time you will actually enjoy it, as you can expand how exactly you can help them and the payment side will be more of a side note.

These clients will obviously be smaller (money wise) than any big global or national ones you pick up. But even if you are only looking at an extra £150-200 per month per client. This is still super effective to make your client list GROW.

Roarlocal have a good image displaying how actual SEO improvements work, this is also a website I really like and have used a lot for research recently, so I would recommend checking them and their methods out.


3. Host a free SEO / Cheap internet marketing event

Market your online business OFFLINE!

This should be a no brainer but very few people actually take advantage of the fact that YOU will know more than 99.9% of your local population. So take advantage and offer free or cheap courses, tutorials or teachings to people in your area.

Why free or cheap?

1. More people will attend!

2. This means more exposure for your business.

3. Which means more potential clients.

Not only this but if you are looking to build business relationships in your area, these type of events are perfect, as small business owners will usually turn up looking to learn how to get more clients or customers via online methods……

“Hello there my name is Tom and I specialize in generating clients and customers for small businesses in XXXX!”

Targeted marketing or what?!

Like shooting fish in a barrel

Like shooting fish in a barrel

Also if you do offer these events cheaply or for free it will actually reduce the pressure on you!

Public speaking can be nerve racking, but if you don’t have anything to lose, there is no reason why you can’t be less formal and have a laugh at the same time.

Being relaxed and confident shows people you are trusting and know what your doing!

4. Get to know web design / offline marketing agencies in your area

This method can be incredibly effective for both companies in the deal.

If like me your web design skills are limited to wordpress website (cough cough although amazing ones.) these are not what a larger businesses are looking for, think about getting in touch with a web design firm that does do larger projects and creating some sort of deal.

There are loads of options on how these 2 types of companies can work together:

  1. Just recommend each other – Not my favourite method but better than nothing.
  2. Set up a direct relationship, so every client that goes to the web design company is sent to the SEO Company and anyone looking for website design from the SEO Company is sent to the web design company.
  3. Work one way – Simply state you will pay the web design company a commission for every lead they give you. £50/100 per lead (if they do no SEO they will be happy to send over a client once they have created a site.)

5. Direct Mail Campaigns – my version

Probably by far my favourite method of marketing to clients. It’s a bit pricey and takes time but can convert very well!

If you don’t know what a direct mail campaign is, it is essentially posting a letter to your prospective clients (that you have researched).

But I have a different take, one that I love doing and has increased conversions greatly.

Step 1 – Research prospects: Yellow pages, yell.com, directories. You are looking for a business with an average website and a specific keyword type.

Step 2 – Mail these people a good script that is likely to peak interest. Make sure you include a tagline to CALL HERE or for more information contact…. (a heads up, if you left it here you wouldn’t get a very good conversion rate.)

Explain to your clients how SEO works and takes time - Meme from webics.com.au

Explain to your clients how SEO works and takes time – Meme from webics.com.au

Step 3 – CALL THEM – You have now already broken the ice (via the letter) so you can start with “Hi OWNER NAME, did you get my letter…” Whatever they say you then go into what I like to call “Sales information mode” – Try to explain how you can help them and why they need you (I’ll probably write an entire article on this subject but for now you should know what to do.)

Step 4 – Close the client – Even offer a 1 month free or if you have done your research you can offer a “if your not in the top 5 by 3 months, the remaining time it takes to rank will be free!” offer.

Step 5 – Live long and prosper.

6. Press release your case studies (even if it’s just a friend)

So getting the first 1/2/3 clients can be very difficult (and kind of scary).

So try it for a friend (usually works best if they have done something for you, so you owe them one.)

Take this as if it were a proper SEO client so send reports, keep in contact and all that jazz. (The personal relationship is obviously already built up.)

This (if successful) will then give you a case study! (And hopefully your friend is happy at the same time, which will give you A HAPPY CLIENT which we get onto in part 8.)

Anyway, once you have this case study successful, you can use it as a marketing tool for yourself, you can put it on your website (a review), you can use it to show what your company can do for a new prospective client (how to close an seo client is another article I will write soon) but my personal favourite use for this review is writing a press release about it.

It’s always better if you can get the other company to do it, but that’s not always possible.

I will take it you already know how to write a press release, but remember the paid ones are always better, and usually can get you some decent exposure and traffic, so don’t be afraid to pay £1/200 to get a £5000 p/m client.

7. Rank for something (semi-relevant)

Okay so if your just starting out, it might actually be quite difficult to rank for “SEO Location” or SEO Services Location” – especially if you live in a big town or city.

Instead rank for something that gets some exposure and will be searched by small business owners.

For (very random) example “Location – business meet ups” or “Location – networking events” – likely to only get around 50-100 searches a month (for my city), but that should be enough to get a bit of exposure to your company and also should be low enough competition to rank just a random well optimized page on your blog.

Promote to people who comment / ask questions and actually go to the events yourself!

8. Word of mouth – REFERRAL CLIENTS

We all know and LOVE this type of marketing, mainly because we don’t have to do anything and we get great reviews and more clients! No closing is needed!

Happy clients get you more clients! Word of Mouth Marketing is the BOMB!

But its impossible to sit down one day and say “I’m going to do some word of mouth marketing today”

Its a process that you have control over, but yet you have no real time control!

“Always do more than you are paid for”Napoleon Hill – 16 steps to success book. Great book, great quote and you already know what it means so make sure you do it!

SEO Meme

A true statement for the majority of an SEO company’s clients – Meme from SERPiq

If you do this and you have strong SEO techniques that actually work, there is a huge chance that your current clients (that are over the moon with your work and their success) will recommend you to their friends and family.

Of these friends and family, it is likely that a large proportion of them actually work (believe it or not), some may own their own business (great that’s a huge lead for you), and others may work in companies that require marketing or SEO services…. Either way word of mouth is the easiest form of traffic to convert – It’s because they are coming to you already ready to buy!

A ready to buy client is my sort of client!

Side note (This could have been a huge strategy but some consider it dirty): Clients that you have been successful for – go and speak to their competitors and say “This is what I did for XXXX I can do the same for you…”

I hope you enjoyed reading these ideas and you actually put some into use!!!!!!!

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