7 Marketing Books ALL SEOs Should Read

2 comments to “7 Marketing Books ALL SEOs Should Read”
  1. Great list, Tom – I still have Selling The Invisible on my to-buy list.

    I recommend The Pumpkin Plan, which gives advice on growing a business that you love while not getting bogged down with problematic clients or taking on services that you don’t enjoy doing. Great writing style, too – the author’s very funny.

    I also plan to read Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway.

    My biggest problem is having the time to actually read them though…! I’m considering going the audiobooks-in-the-car route and listening to them during my commute back-and-forth ICE and during long road trips… 🙂

  2. Audio book is always a good shout. For me whenever I’m on the train or rest sets in the gym get most of my reading done! Works well, strong body, strong mind and all that.

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