7 Marketing Books ALL SEOs Should Read

I’m a bit of a marketing book nerd. Brought 15 on a whim back in January and slowly making my way through most of them.

Although not 1 is directly related to any sort of online marketing, as SEOs and digital marketers we sometimes forget the basics that work so well! (Links to Amazon are affiliate links).

Top Marketing Books

7 Marketing Books all self employed digital marketers need to read!

1.) The Purple Cow by Seth Godin – Finished reading this 2 weeks ago and changed my perspective of product marketing. Don’t make it harder than it needs to be, make sure you’re promoting something that’s truly remarkable, otherwise you won’t be able to market it in the long run anyway!

2.) Word that Work by Frank Luntz – Warning, this is a grind of a read, long, in depth and very language technical but the essential point is “It’s not what you say, it’s what people hear”. Which is a hugely important point, especially in an industry with a bad(ish) reputation to a lot of business owners.

3.) Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hlll – An obvious choice but also something that all business owners should read and understand. I’m also going to add you should read Hill’s other less famous (better in my opinion) Law Of Success in 16 Steps. This was the book that initially motivated me to create my business and stop working for someone else!

4.) Confessions of an Advertising Man by the great David Ogilvy – Also have “the unpublished” by Ogilvy but haven’t got around to reading that yet, so cannot recommend it. David talks about his time with Ogilvy and Mather on Madison avenue and what EVERYONE was doing wrong again and again and again! Very interesting read, especially for anyone in advertising or PR as well as SEO / Marketing.

5.) The entrepreneur roller-coaster and the millionaire fast-lane – Similar books in that they are EXTREMELY motivating and will focus you to take action. Ignore the kind of sales titles, these are actually great books! The millionaire fast lane talks about how you should be spending your time wisely and growing a business that can become exponential, don’t tie yourself to your time. Even if you make £100 an hour and work 80 hour weeks, you will never make more than 450,000 per year (sure that’s good) but never, you work 80 hours a week, for life and never make more than half a million a year! Don’t relate service to time! The Entrepreneur roller coaster goes in depth into how to sell your service, with my 2 favourite parts being “the stopwatch test” which relates back to my 80 / 20 article last week and “stop selling – start helping“.

6.) Buyology – Interesting read, talks more about the science behind marketing and how the brain reacts to adverts. Your subconsciously doing somethings you don’t even know about. Lindstrom also talks about how 90% of advertising is a complete waste of money! Very interesting the tests they did (can’t cheat these ones either).

7.) Selling the invisiblePERFECT for an SEO agency or freelancer, as this is essentially what we are doing in many cases, we are taking an invisible service and trying to put a monetary value and create trust. Beckwith talks about how the BEST clients and customers come from referrals. Be the best at what you do, even if you believe the target market is too small!

That’s my 7 (more like 9) from the start of 2015. Would recommend any self-employed / entrepreneur or marketer to read all 9! At an average of £10 a pop, it’s the best £100 you can invest in your business.

Below is the “to read” list over the next 3-4 months. Will relate back in October/November:

More marketing books

Thank for reading. 

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2 comments to “7 Marketing Books ALL SEOs Should Read”
  1. Great list, Tom – I still have Selling The Invisible on my to-buy list.

    I recommend The Pumpkin Plan, which gives advice on growing a business that you love while not getting bogged down with problematic clients or taking on services that you don’t enjoy doing. Great writing style, too – the author’s very funny.

    I also plan to read Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway.

    My biggest problem is having the time to actually read them though…! I’m considering going the audiobooks-in-the-car route and listening to them during my commute back-and-forth ICE and during long road trips… 🙂

  2. Audio book is always a good shout. For me whenever I’m on the train or rest sets in the gym get most of my reading done! Works well, strong body, strong mind and all that.

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