30 Day Challenge – Day 24,25,26

Day 24

Having to try and get all of yesterday’s work done and todays work to not get behind.

Work 8.5 hours (9-6)

From 9-11 – Content and design for the Ghost Marketing site, finally looking close. Still at least a week away from it being finished though.

11 – 12.30 – Finished Seo article on Value of a Link which will be live by the time you / if you read this. Also wrote a quick article on the Majestic rebrand

12.30-1.30 – Continued on Salisbury Promotion doc, up to 400 businesses (planning on refining the list).

1.30-2 – Finished a few things on insomnia websites.

Number of hours worked = 13.5 (+1.5)

Number of coffees/Red Bulls consumed – 0


But looks like I’m gonna fail this challenge…. Went back and counted the total hours worked, hoping I would have under-counted but unfortunately notL.

Day 25

Work 9.30-6.15 (8.5 hours worked)

7-7.30 created an SENUKE campaign, starting to use this software now a big more.

7.30-8.30 Finished and uploaded big seo article on value of a link also tweeted and emailed everyone who responded!

8.30-9.30 – Break + Loved the responses that were coming in about the value of a link article J was really nice to see.

9.30-10.30 – Finished the Yell business collection. Up to 482 without websites….

10.30-11 – Got some food, chilled…

11-11.30 – Refined of yell businesses, deleted any duplicates and ones that did actually have a website

11.30-12.30 – Created an Senuke campaign for insomnia affiliate site

12.30-2 – Worked on ghost marketing, seo oasis sites content and design. Also checked through Salisbury’s businesses list to see if any actually already have a website…Time consuming….

Number of hours worked = 14 (+2)

Number of coffees/Red Bulls consumed – 2


If you hadn’t guessed it, I don’t like to go to sleep later than 2.00 as I don’t want to risk being overly tired… 6 hours sleep is fine for a few weeks. Sleep is for the weak anyway…zzzzz

Wish I was only 13 hours away as would have made the last 5 days really interesting, (Going to count day 30 as a working day.)

Day 26 – Information Overload

Work 9-6. (8.5 hours work)

7-7.30 – Read SEOno’s new article on doing Clients Seo for client’s clients clients’ – Some inception shiz going on in this article. But solid as always from Steve.

7.30-8 – Created another small SEnuke campaign, starting to use this tool a bit more for general linking purposes. Still believe the strength is in high DA/PR relevant links (with the rest of the SEO population) But Senuke gives a little bump.

8-10 – Break, gym, food.

10-11 – Finished Salisbury Business’s refining. Will order printed letters soon for direct mailing campaign.

11-12 – Opimized affiliate seo sites

12-1.30 – Huge organise of thoughts, tactics, ideas and earnings doc, this will continue onto tomorrow, as this was the aim of my entire 30 day challenge.

Number of hours worked = 13 (+1)

Number of coffees/Red Bulls consumed – 2


Still not impossible to make up 22 hours in 4 days…. Although do not fancy working 17 hour days for 4 days straight.