30 Day Challenge – Day 1

Day 1Day 1

Full time job – 8 hours (9-6.30) – I’m very rarely going to expand on as its pretty similar but I work for a marketing company, like the people I work with, but not a huge fan of the work I do as its mainly admin/offline marketing and nothing to “inventive” and also I don’t get paid enough…. Haha who doesn’t say that? But moving on. Although I leave for work at around 8.45 and get back at 7ish technically I work from 9.30-6 with a 30 mins lunch break, hence the 8 hours.

Gym (6.30-8) – As mentioned fitness is a big part of my life and I am going to keep this going as much as possible through this challenge.

Ideally I would have liked to start business work at 9.00, but almost on cue, the internet is “limited” and my laptop is playing up….. You can’t even time this any better.

Ended up using the “house” desktop from 10 but still no wifi L

So 10-10.30 Read and digested Steve Morgan’s article on Google friendly link building on SEONO

10.30-11 – Applied to an SEO job. Some people may say this stuff is not “improving my business” but if I was/am successful it would be a pure SEO job which I would love and also learn a lot from, rather than a broad semi-admin based marketing one. Also it pays almost 1.5 times as much, sooooo yeah.

11-11.15 – Wrote and uploaded the introduction to this challenge to theseoasis.com.

11.15-11.30 – Searching for a night owl image I actually read this blog…. Annoying time wasting but informative – https://www.personal.psu.edu/afr3/blogs/siowfa12/2012/09/to-be-a-night-owl-or-not-to-be-is-it-even-a-question.html

11.30-11.45 – Posted a job ad on odesk for a VA, with design capabilities, once my ideas become unclouded and clear, I am 100% sure I need to outsource some of the tasks, but its nice to look for someone good early.

11.45-12 – Finished reading trafficgenerationcafe articles + created some (more) ideas!

12-12.30 – Worked on social media profiles and followings, realised that the majority of my business’s social media accounts look dormant and pretty lame, so worked on all of these for a good 30 mins, as it took a while to find emails/passwords ect

12.30-1 – Started a post idea for seoasis site.

Hit the sack at 1.00 to ensure not too tired tomorrow.

Day summary:

Number of hours worked = 11 (-3)

Number of “lost” hours through travel/procrastination etc – 2

Number of coffees consumed – 0

Total +/- = -3

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